In our search for the best credit card dump sites, we find ourselves face-to-face with What’s the story with this provider? Do they offer legit dumps or are they a scam? We didn’t know the answer, so we decided to dig deep.

The first thing we noticed when we navigated to the site’s homepage was that it was bright and colorful. This definitely isn’t normal when visiting these kinds of sites, and while we weren’t going to let it bother us, we then noticed a lot of white space at the bottom of the page. We discovered this site was using the ancient tactic of adding dozens keywords and then trying to hide them with white font. This black hat technique is so outdated, so we’re not sure what we’re going to run into when we finally get into the site.

Before we spend too much time, though, we wanted to see the backstory of this site. We dug through some records and found that the IP address is located in California, USA, with the provider being Cloudflare. The domain was created on 2018-05-03 and it expires on 2020-05-03. This is a very new site, not even a year old, so we’re definitely going to keep this in mind.

With some more info in mind about the site’s history, we navigate back to the homepage. Frustratingly, even though there are multiple buttons to click on, including CC Fullz, Cards, and Create an Account, none of them work—they just refresh the page. To create an account, we need to click the text link instead. From here, we’re asked for first name, last name, email, username, and password, as well as agreement that we’ve read the terms and conditions. When we submit, we receive a message that registration was successful, and then we’re taken inside.

Here we see a navigation menu on the left that gives us options to view news, our profile, order history, and a way to add funds. At the top is a quick view of total orders, the number of services offered (currently 66), total cards on file for the user, and total site users (currently at 16,000+). All that’s left is for us to choose that category we’re shopping for, either fullz, dumps, cards, or PayPal profiles. Once you choose a category, it’s time to choose a type. For example, if you choose fullz, you’ll then have your choice of data by country or US state. As soon as you’ve completed your selection, you’re taken to the order page, where you can choose your quantity and see how much your choices will cost.

If you try to place an order without funds in your account, the site prompts you to top off, which leads us to payment methods. This particular site accepts Bitcoin and Perfect Money. To pay with the latter, you’ll make your deposit offsite. To deposit Bitcoin, you select the amount you want to deposit and you’ll be given a QR code to scan or the option to send funds directly to the provided address. A message on the screen mentions creating a ticket if you’re depositing $100 or more as there’s a 20% discount.

We’ve had a look through the website, and while things look tidy and organized, we were still feeling put off but the weird homepage. We decided to look for more info on this site, particularly from people who have used it before. Unsurprisingly, because the site is relatively new, we couldn’t find much by way of reviews. However, we did see a lot more black hat tactics. For example, we found a random blog entry on a legitimate-looking site that appeared to have been edited (clearly unscrupulously) to advertise this sketchy website. We found lots more scammy mentions elsewhere.

After all of our exhaustive research, we have to admit: We’re on the fence about The site looks nice and is easy to navigate, and the news section was updated regularly to advertise new databases. However, the site’s owner is trying too hard to gain recognition, and he’s going about it in such sleazy ways. We think that this site is one that users should be careful about. Have you made a purchase on before? How did it go for you? We’d love to hear more in the comments section.

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