The latest site on our research list is have new domain What we want to learn today is whether this dump site has the credit card fullz and other details we’re looking for or whether it’s a scam that should be avoided.

When we get to the home screen, we’re presented with a cartoon representation of Popeye, smiling for a mugshot against a brick wall background. The site proclaims its title as Sailor’s Silence, which makes us think of pirates. Are they the good kind that share their bounty or the bad kind that steal from all? We’ll soon find out.

Before we see what the site’s about, we want to look a little behind the scenes. What we find is that the IP address is based out of Russia, with the registrar being RU-CENTER. The site was created on 2018-03-22 and is currently set to expire on 2020-03-22. This site is just over a year old. We wish it was older, but we’ll keep this info in mind as we dig deeper.

Back to the site: Once you scroll past the flashy imaging, we find that the news section is updated every single day. There’s definitely some dedication here. Going back up, we see a button called Guide. This is pretty impressive as it displays links to about 20 tutorials ranging from “software for carding” to “carding cvv for beginners”. This site seems dedicated to the game, going so far as to educate newcomers. When it comes to registering, the site asks for username, password, ICQ and Jabber, plus requires a captcha. Hitting “sign up” displays a message that the account was successfully created and then redirects to the homepage so we can log in.

Once inside, there’s a lot to take in. Front and center are graphics of various credit cards, with some of the info obscured. These are labeled as recommendations, and they range from classic Visa debit cards to Mastercards from Italy. On the left side, we see links for news, dumps, packs, cc, no-cvv, billing, cart, orders, tickets, and profile. On the right, there’s a chat box, but it’s rather boring as users only say “hi” to each other. At the top of the page, there’s a button called “rules”, which takes us to a chat with support, and another link to the guides from the homepage.

We decide to jump in by seeing what’s available under the “packs” category. This where you can place bulk orders, such as 50 or 500 dumps. The “cc” page displays a filter and then search results below. We did a test search for Visa cards in the U.S., and we were presented with lots of options. The filter offers several ways to sort the data, including card type, track, and even location, with the option to enter specific zip codes. The pages for dumps and no-cvv are similar.

Next, we head over to the billing page to see how we can fund our account. We find that the site offers four options: Bitcoin, Litecoin, BitcoinCash, and Dash. To fund your account, you have to create a wallet, which will then retain your data for future use. There’s a button to calculate conversion, and then you simply select your payment method to see the address to which you’ll send payment.

So far, this site looks okay. But we know that appearances are just that. We want to learn more about this place to see if it’s legit or just made to look that way. Our next step of research is to see what other people have to say about the site. We scoured forums, and we didn’t find good news. The website was actually identified as being a scam on two different lists that we found. We know that you can’t believe everything you see on the net, and we definitely think that one of the websites running hosting a list was just an advertisement for a competitor. However, the other site didn’t seem to have anything to gain by calling out as a scam.

We’ve spent a lot of time reviewing, and our consensus is that the site looks legit, but we are concerned with the fact that some people were calling it out as a scam. We wonder if the hip, flashy images are meant to put you at ease, just to steal your money. What do you guys think? If you’ve made purchases with before, tell us more about how it went in the comments.

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