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A Comprehensive Review of c2bit.me

So, are you looking for a credit card dump store? There are hundreds to choose from, so how do you go about deciding which one to use? How can you be sure that it is not just a scam? Well, finding that out is our job, and in this article, we will review one of the dump sites that have been in popular circulation for a while and has a built-in customer base: c2bit.me.

About c2bit.me

Just to make sure what you are getting into, c2bit.me is a credit card auto shop. What does this mean? It is a shop where all the stolen credit card information is on display by different vendors for you to buy and use for your own needs and desires. If that sounds like what you are looking for, then c2bit is the place for you.

C2Bit Registration and Costs

Registering on c2bit is a bit quirky. Only one person can register in fifteen minutes, so you will have to wait for that. Once you are in, you can browse for the cards you want and use them. Pro Tip: run them by a checker to make sure they are not dead because that tends to happen. Unless you buy from a trusted vendor, of course.

The prices are a bit steep on c2bit. You will find that, on average, c2bit is among the costlier of auto shops for cards. If you pull a dead card on top of the higher costs, then you should definitely go for a refund. Most of the user reviews we found say that they were refunded satisfactorily, but some do state that they never got a refund. The truth is somewhere in between, as always, so be careful when you do decide to buy from the site.

Layout and Design

The site’s design is rather fancy. The black background fits really well with the red and white lettering, making it very soothing on the eye. The red design logo is also very eye-catching, and the overall aesthetic is something we can definitely appreciate. It is one of those sites that evoke a sensation of familiarity within you, and that feeling of welcome is something that is a definite plus in our book.

Navigation is easy too. The lists are easy to read and follow, and you will have little to no trouble in finding what you are looking for.

c2bit Final Verdict

C2bit is among the top auto shops on the internet as of now. It is very well regarded among a majority of the user base, and we found no reason to complain, either. One thing you should avoid doing is to ask for refunds on good cards after using them. That is a good way to get yourself banned.

Other than that, the only thing that can raise an eyebrow is how the site wants to keep you active. If you are not active and don’t use it for a stretch of a few days, you stand to have your account deleted. If that sounds fair enough to you, c2bit will meet all of your needs and beyond!

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