Looking for legit card dump sites isn’t easy work. There are so many scammers out there, you can never be too sure who you’re dealing with. It’s for this reason we’ve been dedicated to reviewing sites all over the web to see who can be trusted and who should be avoided. We were looking around today and discovered

The first thing we noticed when we navigated to the site is that it redirects us to a new URL, This is definitely something that we’ll want to do some research on later. Aside from that, the page is plain and predictable.

We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, so our next step will be to do some digging into this site’s history. What we find for is that the IP address is from Riga, the capital of Latvia, and the registrar is DATACLUB. This domain was created on 2013-11-18 and it expires on 2019-11-18. This is definitely a website that’s been around for a long time.

However, if you’ll remember, the page redirected us to another URL, so we checked that one, too. We found that its IP address is based out of San Francisco, USA, and its registrar is Cloudflare. This site was created only a little while ago on 2019-04-13 and it’s valid through 2020-04-13. We find this very suspicious.

Going back to the site, it’s time to test it out. Creating an account entails providing our username, confirmation of username, password, confirmation of password, email address, confirmation of email, ICQ, and completing the captcha. This is a lot of fields to fill out, and we also notice that this website doesn’t offer encryption, which is another warning sign. More frustratingly, it thought we entered the captcha incorrectly. Instead of giving us another chance, it forces us to fill out all the registration info again. Once it finally accepts the info, it leads us to the dashboard.

The first thing we notice is regular news updates, each providing info about fresh dumps. At the top of the page, there are links for shop, billing, order history, support, and my account. We can also quickly see our account balance and the shopping cart.

We immediately hit up the first of two shop links, which takes us to CCVSHOP1. We fill out the filter with some basic info, looking for Visa credit cards, and we’re presented with the search results. We can use the checkboxes to pick which we’d like to purchase, plus see limited info about each choice, including card type, name, expiration, country, and price.

The other shop link takes us to CVVSHOP2. These search results differ in that the credit card data may come with other info, such as DOB and SSN. You can use the filter to sort exactly what you need.

When we get to the billing section, we see that the only option is Bitcoin. We also see that bonuses are offered depending on the amount of our deposit. For example, if we deposit $100, there is a 2% bonus, but if we deposit $1000, that bonus jumps to 6%. To transfer the funds, we just click to generate a BTC address and send the funds, which are automatically deposited into our account.

The last thing we want to check here is how hard it is to get help. Clicking the support link takes us to a form. There are a lot of notes and FAQ, including issues that support won’t reply about, such as delays in payment processing and issues concerning incorrect data on purchases.

From here, we’re going to take our research external; that is, we’re going to see what other people think about this company or what kinds of experiences they’ve had. When researching, we find all kinds of info, ranging from identification as a scam website to people asking about its legitimacy. Interestingly, we did find a few mentions of the site as early as 2011, which is strange since records show it was established in 2013. We think that the site may have been offline for a while and then came back. Or maybe the old owners abandoned and someone else took it over. The current site does say it was established in 2014. We also checked on, but there weren’t many results, undoubtedly because the URL is so new.

So what does all this info mean? We think that this site is one that you should use cautiously. While some people have it marked as a good site, others say it’s bad. Why the discrepancy? It could be anything from competitors badmouthing to customers who leave bad reviews due to misunderstandings or other bad experiences. We also think that the redirect is concerning. We’ve done our research, now we want to hear about your experiences. Drop us a note in the comments if you’ve dealt with this company before.

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