Dumps and CVV. What Difference ?

Many carders cannot fully understand the differences between dumps and CC at the beginning of their work. In this text, I will talk to you about the main difference between these two aspects of carding.

We will start with the fundamentals of carding and instore carding. Carding is the process by which a person online (!) buys information about a credit card and the owner of this card. This information calls CC or CVV. The whole procedure of carding is entirely online. Buying CC, carder gets almost all the information about the cardholder:

1. A number of the credit card.

2. CVV

3. Date of the card expiration(03/2025).

4. Name of the person that owns a credit card.

5. Full card owner’s address.

There is also some optional information (FULLZ):

1. Card owner’s phone number. 2. Date of birth. 3. E-mail of the card owner. 4. Social Security Number. 5. VBV password.

All this information is needed to make purchases on the Internet. Fullz is data needed to confirm the fact that you are a cardholder. Online store employees can ask you to prove your mother first name or some other information when they aren’t sure that you are a real card owner.

When a carder buys CC, he has several options for earning. The first and most profitable option is to buy expensive items in online stores using information about someone else’s card and then resell them. There are also such options as affiliate marketing or online cashback games, but they are not so useful.

Now let’s deal with instore carding and dumps.

Instore carding is a process when a person in real life (!) encodes information (stolen with the help of dumps) on a plastic card with a magnetic stripe and gets a copy of someone’s real card.

A dump is certain information that places on a magnetic strip of a bank card. Three tracks are recorded here; they are a set of bytes, and unique information contains in each of them. The primary information carrier is the second track. If the carder takes possession of it, he can find out the missing information. Thus, the dump and pin code is the information that the card needs to receive money from an ATM.

The conclusion is:

CC is information that we need only on the Internet, and the dump is the information that we need for carding in real life. Now, based on my explanation, you see all the pros and cons and decide what kind of carding you can do now.

July 2024