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Ferum-Shop Review

Those who would like to buy some goods or pay for the services on the Internet face the problem of finding reliable credit card dumps sellers. Although there are pretty a lot of vendors, it may be hard to tell the scam from a reliable one. 

We have decided to see for ourselves how easy or hard it is to find a trustworthy credit card dumps shop. For this, we opened Google Search and started to investigate the web. One of the first shops was the Ferum-Shop that we review in this article. 


The Website’s Interface

The Ferum-Shop can hardly be called user-friendly. First of all, it lacks an attractive user interface. The site looks like a mediocre web page from the era of the 2000s. White backgrounds are sparkled with some blue tabs, numerous rows of text that are quite hard to comprehend fast. 

Besides, it’s not easy to access it. You have to register first by providing your name, email, ICQ. Only after this, you’ll find yourself on the main page that has daily updates of the latest offers. 

If you want to navigate around the site, the list of tabs on the top of the page is for you. Every tab is of the same plain design that hardly attracts users. Moreover, there are no photos; therefore, the website is definitely not visually appealing at all. 

As for the positive sides, the site works pretty well. It operates rather fast and seems to be reliable at first sight. All the major data, like your balance and current time (vital to check the bought products before they expire), are presented on the top. 

What Does the Ferum Shop Offer?

The Ferum Shop focuses on selling CVVs. The ultimate advantage of the vendor is the daily updates of a huge product base. When examining the offer, the user sees:

  • The card number
  • Its expiration date
  • Name
  • City, state, zip code
  • Country
  • Base
  • Check time

With the help of the internal search, you can specify the necessary parameters and find the desired card pretty fast. The chances that you will encounter exactly what you need are high because the base is refilled daily. 

The prices of credit card dumps are rather reasonable. You can see them directly in the list. What attracts many visitors is a bonus system: besides an automatic discount system, a user gets a deposit bonus. 

What Does the Test Shows?

To make sure that users can trust the Ferum Shop, we have decided to test it in practice. We have managed to register, which is already a good sign: many darknet sites fail on the stage. The website accepts cryptocurrency that is rather typical for such deals. 

However, the seller does have problems with customer support. First of all, you can contact it only via email. But the two addresses presented on the site don’t respond. It means that if you face any problems, don’t look for any help from the support team.

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