Carding for noobs, FAQ. June 2024


What are a credit card and CC?

A credit card is a card issued by a bank. With a credit card, you can pay on the Internet and in real life as well. Carders use this opportunity for making an online payment. CC is the credit card abbreviation. We also use the CC as a specification of information stored on a credit card.

Where to get the CC?

If you are a beginner carder, then the best option is to buy information about the cardholder and the card itself (CC). You can also hack an online store to get info, but it’s much more difficult. Read some reviews about carding forums.

What are some tips about carding for beginners?

If you have never dealt with carding before, then I advise you to do virtual carding. This is one of the easiest ways of carding.

Online carder?

An online carder is a person who earns money using a credit card and cardholder information. In short, this is a person who receives money from other people’s credit cards.


Emith is the bank that gave the credit card to the cardholder. To find out information about the bank that issued a particular credit card, you need to get Fullz (you can also buy fullz from the seller).


Bin is the first 6 digits of a credit card number. Online carders especially need bin because with its help you can make a successful Enroll. To get a bin, you should get Enroll somehow: purchase it or make it yourself. Then, simple, remember the first six digits of the card.

SVV and SVV2?

These are a few numbers created by the bank to protect cardholders from the theft of credit card information. If you want to make a purchase in a store using a stolen credit card, you definitely need an SVV or SVV2 because almost all stores ask for this information.

Fullz and carding?

FulLz is an additional credit card or cardholder information. FulLz includes such data as DOB (Date of birth), SSN (Social Security Number), and MMN (Mothers Maiden Name). Cardholders need this information in case of additional verification of purchase or withdrawal of money from a credit card.


Drop is your companion in virtual carding. This is a person to the address of which online stores will send your purchases. The fact is that if the country of the cardholder and the delivery country do not match, the store rejects the order. To prevent this from happening, we need a drop in the country where our cardholder is located.

How to protect yourself from the police?

If you are engaged in online carding, then you need to take care of your safety. When you use a high-quality VPN, the police will not be able to track your IP address and, therefore, catch you.


PayPal is a fast and secure way to send and receive payments without disclosing bank card details. For novice carders, working with the Paypal can be difficult, because there are a lot of problems with checking and removing limits.

How to find out where my package is?

In order to track the location of your order, the shops came up with tracking numbers. After shopping in the online store, you will receive an email with a track.

Then you go to the website of postal delivery and enter the tracking number.

Is it possible to send money directly to WebMoney?

No, don’t even try. You will only spend time, but still, you will not be able to transfer money straight from your credit card to WebMoney. On the Internet, you can find information on how to do it right.

Counterfeit money.

You can try use some counterfeit banknotes from fknotes shop or some other shop, this is not carding but it’s also a very profitable thing to do.

June 2024