Easy way to find a proper store for carding, June 2024

If you want to make your carding process as profitable as possible, I will recommend you to find a shop with delivery option.

Possibly the following words may seem offensive to novice carders, but the carding process is not only about buying information from some websites; these simple actions don’t make you a professional carder. You can not just buy СС, order the most expensive thing in the online store and assume that everything went well. Do not be surprised if in this situation your order will not be approved, the parcel will not be sent, or it will be lost somewhere along the way due to the wrong address. Moreover, do not rush to accuse the seller of CC in lying; possibly it was you who did something wrong.

Remember, it is crucial to find a store that provides delivery to your city or the city of your drop. So in this article, I will explain to you how to do it profitably.

My writings may not be a discovery for every carder, but I want to help people that are new in carding. Here I will describe in detail the whole process of finding an online store for carding.

First of all, you need to open webstatsdomain.org. There you can find online stores with your specific criteria. For example, one that makes delivery to the USA. You can click analyze button and see basic data about the store. I advise you to search for some small stores because there is a high probability that they don’t have an antifraud system.

If you look at all the information about the store, you can find much useful information for yourself. Pay attention to General Statistics column. It keeps a few characteristics of the store, which can help you in virtual carding. These characteristics are PageRank ( stores with rank 4 or less are most profitable), Website Worth ( cheaper product – higher possibility of a successful deal) and Alexa Rank. The last one is pretty popular amongst average website visitors and carders as well. It has some marks of a website that suites our purposes. In short, higher Alexa rank – higher possibility of a successful deal.

Having finished with General Statistics, at the top of the website we can see another important point for us – similar stores. There we will see a list of online stores with the parameters that we saw in the current store. This feature helps us spend less time searching for stores with the needed options. Moreover, you can also see the category (such as electronics or groceries) of a store near each name on the list. This feature is also handy for us and saves our time.

After you have researched the site, you can create your own list of the most suitable for virtual carding online stores and buy something in them using CC.

You can also use Google to find your ideal program for searching stores with delivery option.

Do not be naive about your job. The carder’s work requires a particular attitude towards your own security. Also, you need much time to prepare every aspect of the process itself. Take care that everything is done efficiently.