It’s another day, so it means we’re back on the hunt for reliable websites offering credit card dumps. These websites give us data that we can use to make purchases as if we were in possessions of our own credit cards. Today’s find is goswipe.su.

When we get to the homepage, we find a simple layout that’s characteristic of these types of sites. We’re offered a place to enter a username and password, plus a captcha, or register a new account. One thing that we did find strange was that the header at the top of the page, the title is valid.su. Clearly this isn’t the domain we’ve navigated to, so we decided to visit this address to see what was there. It only leads to a page indicating that the domain has been attached to the platform. It seems that valid.su is not up and running yet, which we find somewhat concerning.

Before we pursue this website any further, we need to do a little more digging into who is running this place. Our research shows that the IP is located in Moscow, Russia, and the registrar is identified as a “private person”. The domain was created on 2017-03-17 and it expires on 2020-03-17. While the site isn’t terribly old, it does seem like it will be around for a while.

Now, let’s move on to actually using the site. When we click to register a new account, the website asks for simple info: username, email address, password, and a vaid ICQ number. We provided the requested info, and we were simply redirected to the homepage again. There was no indication about whether the account registration was successful or not, and we did not receive any emails. We decided to try logging in to see if we could, and we found that the account was indeed created.

The interface of this website is fairly simple. At the top, we find navigation links for dumps, billing, orders, and the shopping cart. There’s also a dropdown to see account info and a button to see current balance. The rest of the page is dedicated to news and contact info. We can see that there are a total of 4 official domains, and the news is being updated regularly.

When you click the dumps links, you’re taken to a page with a filter at the top and search results below. Scrolling through the default results, we see a variety of options, including classic, signature, corporate, gold, and prepaid cards, both debit and credit, from the United States and worldwide. There are over 2,500 pages of results, so it’s best to use the filter to narrow down what you’re looking for. Prices appear to start at $25 and go up from there. You can easily check off accounts which you’d like to purchase and then add to cart with the button at the bottom of the page.

Looking at the billing page, Bitcoin is the only available option. You are presented with a field to indicate how much is US currency you’d like to add to your account, and it’s automatically converted to BTC. On the next page, you’re provided with the address where you need to transfer the funds.

The orders page would display a user’s previous purchases. We don’t have any so the page is blank, but we do see a note that cards can be checked within 10 minutes and be refunded if they don’t work.

Now that we’ve had a chance to review the site, we wanted to make sure we knew the full story by checking to see what other people had to say about it. What we learned is that a seller called GoSwipe was very highly regarded in popular forums. However, something happened in 2017 and the seller went offline. Since that time, a lot of rippers have been trying to capitalize on the good name. Looking at this current site, especially the very old news updates, we think that this is probably the same seller. Some of the old news blurbs reference the same URLs that were spoken highly of before.

After all this hard work researching GoSwipe.su, we feel confident in saying that this place is a good bet when looking for fresh dumps. The site is clearly updated often, and it has history on its side. The search filter and search results show a lot of options, and the prices are reasonable. Have you dealt with this site before? Check in through the comments to let us know how things went.

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