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In our search for counterfeit bills today we stumbled upon
The store specializes exclusively in the sale of counterfeit bills, although also found fake ielts certificates.
Recently, fake banknotes have been in high demand in the US and Europe among teenagers and immigrants to quickly fix their financial situation. They use counterfeit bills to pay at convenience stores, gas stations, buy illegal substances from drug dealers, or cheat private sellers by making purchases on message boards.
Demand creates supply. Darknet has responded quickly to this and you can buy bills of any quality. is one such store.
Judging by the reviews on the net the quality of fknotes bills is quite high, some customers write that they even managed to “feed” these bills to ATMs in the EU, but also there are some negative reviews about the quality of these bills.


What you can buy at

As we said before the store mainly specializes in counterfeit bills. It is stated that the bills are made on first-class equipment from South Korea or in South Korea, it is not clear here. The banknotes are presented in euros, US dollars and British pounds. As always in demand are bills not large denomination: 10, 20,50 usd/eur. Since large denominations are more closely watched and more difficult to give them to the victim.

Separately presented ielts certificate which may be in demand migrant workers, but it is written that the certificate is not registered in the database, but the price is very small.

Payments, delivery

As stated on the site, the delivery of goods is carried out covertly, the goods are hidden in magazines, books or souvenirs of some kind.
Bitcoin and Monero are accepted for payment.
If you want to make a purchase at first take care of buying cryptocurrency.
The design of the store is no different from thousands of other stores, quite decent.

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