No one likes to waste money, so we’ve been hard at work analyzing websites that claim to offer legit credit card dumps and fullz. Like you, we want the real deal, not to throw our money away. The site we’re going to review next is

At first look, this site’s homepage is very different than other similar sites—it’s set up to look like a very legit company! The page is nicely designed, with graphics and callouts. The homepage proclaims that the service is available in over 40 countries and that Bins are available for over 500 banks. Scrolling down promises a PP checker so you don’t have a manually check PayPal accounts and the option to buy Bitcoin in over 30 countries.

Before we explore this site more, we want to do some technical research. We went over records and found that this site’s IP address is based in Manchester, England, and the host is called M247. We could not determine when the site was created or when it expires.

Our next step is to create an account so we can access the site. To do so, we’ll need to provide email address, username, password, and captcha. This is an easy process, and we’re granted access to the dashboard. At the top, we have links for rules, cards, dumps, account, cart, add funds, and shop funds. The left side of the page is for order and history info. The page automatically loads to an account page so that the profile can be updated. We see a note that if we refer a friend and they make a deposit, we’ll get a 40% bonus.

We tried to check out some of the site’s offering, such as cards and dumps, but it doesn’t let us see anything unless we activate the account and add funds. So we check out what payment methods are accepted. They take Bitcoin and Dashcoin, each with a minimum of $10 to fund the account. We noticed the Send Fund link before so we check this out. This link allows you to send funds to friends within the shop. The minimum transfer for this is $25.

It looked like we wouldn’t be able to do anything on this site until we deposited funds, but we found a workaround. We clicked on the PayPal checker, and we were once again prompted to activate the account. When we click this time, rather than take us to the deposit page, it presents us with rules for first time users and activates the account! Now we can check out the rest of the site.

When we click on cards, we have a filter where we can pick out the types of cards we want. Depending on the option we choose, there may be an additional fee, such as an extra 10 cents if we want a particular city or and extra 10 cents for a certain zip code. We run a few options, and we get results every time.

Next, we try to check out the dumps, which the website claims it has over 300 of. This page doesn’t load anything. We got back to the PayPal checker, and it has space to enter cards separated by lines. It shows the fee per check, per card is 30 cents.

We don’t think there’s more to learn on the site, so we’re going to take our research in a different direction. Now we want to know what other people think of this website. We do several searches and find some interesting information. First, we come across several reviews of the site, but each one lists the site’s location as being somewhere different. On three reviews, we saw Russia, Romania, and California—none of these match the England from our initial research.

The next thing we noticed was that this site appears on a lot of review lists as being legitimate. As with anything on the internet, it’s hard to tell if these mentions are real or just the site spamming. On the positive side, some of these lists date back to a few years. We also found a Facebook page called Hack Anonymous that leads to this site, and it has 32 people who liked it. This could be a positive sign.

After all our research, we think that most signs point to this being a legit website. There are some inconsistencies, though, so it would be a good idea to be careful. If you’ve worked with this website before, we’d like to know about it. Let us know if you had a positive or negative experience in the comments section.

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