If you’ve been on the hunt for a place to buy credit card information so that you can make online purchases, you’ll want to follow along closely. We are always out looking for the same thing, and we’ve been hard at work finding the best sources for this valuable info. We know there are a lot of scams out there, so we’re dedicated to finding out who you can trust. Today’s research has led us to

This site’s homepage is nicer than most but still plain. It has a logo of a bull and proclaims itself as a legendary shop. It also promises only high-quality sniffed info. There’s no other info about its offerings, so we’ll need to create an account and check things out.

Before we do that, we want to learn a little more about what’s going on behind the scenes. That is, what can some whois info tell us? We find that the IP is located in Singapore and provided by DIGITALOCEAN. What are the details on the domain? Well, it was created on created on 2017-10-18 and it expires on 2019-10-18. This expiration date is fast approaching, so it would be a good idea to keep an eye on it.

Let’s move on to exploring the site. Registering is easy, we just need to provide our username, jabber, and password. Once we get to the dashboard, we feel as if we’ve entered some secret place. The colors, font, and layout are designed to make this place look very technical. At the very top, we see CC dumps search, CC orders, and tickets, plus account and balance info on the right. Below that, we immediately see a search filter with some default results.

We run a few searches to see how the results change, and we notice that a lot of info is provided about each card, more so than we see with other sites. For example, we’re given both first and last name, plus most of the address, including the zip code and state. Naturally, we check a city that we’re very familiar with (what if our info is on this site?!), and we notice some inconsistencies: The addresses, even obscured, show enough for us to know that they don’t exist in this place. Plus, the zip codes don’t match the city. Unless the info being shown is for demonstrative purposes, we can tell that at least some of these results aren’t correct.

We decide to next check on payment details. What options are available? When we click Balance, we are taken to a page asking us to make a deposit, with $25 being the minimum. The next page shows that the only payment method is Bitcoin. The site tells us exactly how much BTC to send and to which address. When you complete the payment, the page will reload continually until it confirms the funds have been received.

There really isn’t anything else to review on the site, so we need to take our research elsewhere. Concerned about the potentially fake info, we decide to expand our search outside of the website. It’s time for us to see what other people think of this place. We looked around a few popular hacker forums, and we did see a few people who had used the service and liked it. When we did a search to find more reviews, we saw tons and tons of self-promotion. We understand getting your name out there, but this website seemed to be doing a lot of work to convince people to visit. Outside of that, we did find the site on a few scammer lists, but honestly, we weren’t too trusting of these lists—they just didn’t seem to come from reputable sources.

When all is said and done with this site, we think it needs a stamp that says “buyer beware”. There are both red and green flags here, things that make us think things are not legit, but then others that don’t seem so bad. We’re not sure what to make of the incorrect info we found when doing our search. On one hand, I can understand the site changing info slightly so that the customer doesn’t have the real goods until they pay, but then, why list such detailed info to begin with? We think they did it to prove they had legit data, but we clearly saw some of the results were wrong. If you’ve had dealings with this site before, we’d like to hear about it. Chime in through the comments to let us know whether this place treated you right or scammed you.

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