Hi there! Today I’m going to talk about carding forums and stores. Carding-quite a popular way to get money in a short time and with minimal effort. If you urgently need money but you can’t borrow it from your friends or you can’t get a bank loan, there is an option to get it by doing carding. However, you should know that carding is not a legal way of earning. It’s against state law. When cybercriminals do carding, they steal money from innocent people. But the police hunt the criminals who do the carding. Therefore, you should be careful and keep your personal information safe. Use only cryptocurrency as a means of payment for carding goods and services.

The darknet is a place where Internet users and merchants come to satisfy each other’s demands. Customers come here to get any illegal things like fullz, dumps, drugs, stolen electronics, etc. Sellers are here to offer customers their products and services. Both sides do forbidden things, but the darknet hides them from government surveillance. While the dark web is free from space inspection and verification, it does not protect customers from fraud and scams nonetheless. There are many shops and forums where sellers cheat people for money. Therefore, all beginners should carefully read the instructions for carding before you start to do it. Otherwise, they may be scammed by fraudulent providers. is a carding marketplace that combines a forum and a store. The forum is a place where users discuss different themes related to carding and cashout and share the instructions on carding. Here you can find experts who share their experiences as well as beginners who want to learn more. The marketplace is a shop where customers can obtain cc data, cvv, dumps and other things at an affordable price, and sellers offer their products at a set price. The marketplace allows customers and vendors to match each other. This carding marketplace have many threads and chats where registered members can exchange their carding experience. 

The interface of the website looks pretty simple. The homepage has several tabs like Home, Help, Search, Login, Register. If you want to participate in the forum chats and be able to order something, you gotta register. You can do that in the Register tab. If you have questions on how to use or navigate the website, you should visit the Help tab. If you need to find any accurate information about carding, go to the Search tab where you can find anything by typing words in the search bar. Then you see three big sections: Marketplace, Forum, and People Category. The marketplace section has several threads such as 

  • Credit card cvv shops & sellers
  • Real Carding Dumps tracks T1/T2 Shops & Sellers
  • CarderBazar WTS WTB & free stuff
  • Anonymity and security
  • Banks and cashing
  • Stuff carding 
  • Payment systems 
  • and etc. 

The forum section includes the following chats:

  • Escrow service
  • Our projects
  • About our project

The People Category consists of:

  • Scam Ripper Websites
  • Unverified Advertisement

The last section contains information about sites that deceive people, and it is better not to contact them. Therefore, I advise everyone to read this section before choosing a suitable supplier. 

When you open the Marketplace section, you see a range of vendors that are sorted by rating stars. The first sellers are considered the most trusted and verified. New sellers do not have stars, but they receive a rating from the administration regarding their customer experience and daily activity on the forum. The most reliable and trusted suppliers of this carding market are JokerStash, CardMafia, Ferum,, and CarderPlanet.

This carding marketplace has an Escrow-service. It is an intermediary between customers and vendors. Thanks to this service, customers can be sure that they will get an order or return the money. Also, this marketplace has a cryptocurrency payment method that protects both part of the deal. Crypto transfers keep personal information of both sides safe. You will never find out the personality of a vendor, as well as vendors cannot get any real info about a customer. It is quite important for forbidden purchases that come through the Darknet. 

We checked its whois. The domain name CARDERBAZAR.NET was registered in June 2019. It was just four months ago that means that this marketplace is quite young place. However there are around 1000-2000 visitors every day. Such statistics are very good for carding forum, as there is no advertising and other promotions of such sites. After that, I decided to check out the private forums where former customers leave their feedback on carding vendors and markets. Some reviews were positive, others negative. Users complained about the service, delivery times and sky-high prices. However, I know that every store has controversial opinions. I was unable to draw my own conclusion about this site. 

Guys! If you have experience with any suppliers from this site, I ask you to share your feedback with my readers. Leave your words in the comment line below. 

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