What Are Yahoo Pickers And How You Can Become One


If you’re here, then I’m guessing you’ve probably heard about scams involving pickers or even hackers. But, for today’s topic, we are going to be focusing exclusively on pickers. This article will have all the answers to your questions about what a Yahoo Picker does and how you can become one yourself. 

So keep reading to learn more about how you can make tons of money as a Yahoo picker and also how to find a reliable picker to help you scam clients.

Who Is A Yahoo Picker?

A picker is a person responsible for facilitating an illegal monetary transaction between a victim and a scammer. Because victims normally send money scammed out of them directly into receiving bank accounts, and since the vast majority of scammers claim to be from the USA, in the majority of cases, pickers are United States citizens.

Now we’re going to need to take some time to understand the basics of how a picker operates. This will show you why it is so important to have a skilled picker if you want to succeed as a profitable scam artist.

How Pickers Operate

For any illegal monetary transaction to be finalized, the victim’s money has to be transferred from their bank account into the scammer’s bank account. Since the majority of scammers claim they are US citizens without actually being from the US, they will almost always need the help of someone who is from the USA. 

This is the picker, and they help to fool victims by giving the scammer access to authentic information, which includes:

  • Bank Accounts Details
  • Identification Information
  • Genuine Social Security Numbers (SSNs)

Pickers make it possible to access the money taken from victims and wire it to the scammer without exposing the operation since most pickers are based in the USA.

Pickers are usually hired by scammers as part of a team where each person is needed to successfully run a scam. For example, scams like the Wire Scam need 3 people to successfully be performed.

The Three People You Need To Run A Scam


A scammer is a person in charge of coordinating the whole scam. The scammer hires the hacker and the picker; he or she is like the head and top coordinator of the operation.

The scammer is also the point-person that interacts directly with the target of the scam. The scammer chooses the victim and determines the best way to initiate contact. Then, based on their analysis of the victim, they will decide on how to achieve the goal. The scammer might decide that the best approach will involve phishing or social engineering in order to obtain the necessary information required about the victim, their family, or their company.

After the scammer has acquired the victim’s necessary personal information, he passes this on to the hacker to access the victim’s account.


The hacker is the team’s tech expert. Hackers know how to access the victim’s data by gaining access to their system database illegally. To do this, the hacker requires information that needs to come directly from the victim, which the scammer must acquire.

Once these pieces of essential information are supplied by the scammer to the hacker, hackers can then make use of this information to then divert funds from the victim’s account away into a designated dummy bank account managed by the picker.


The picker manages the dummy account and is mainly responsible for cashing out or wiring the funds diverted from the victim to the designated dummy account and then finally to the real recipient account used or the scam located abroad. The picker does this by providing a legitimate US bank account which the team can use as a dummy account to receive money from the victim and send it to the members of the team.

How To Be A Professional Yahoo Picker

If you are not a US citizen, it will be very difficult to get started as a Yahoo picker since you won’t be able to create a US bank account. You can be a picker even if you are from other countries outside the US, but in certain countries, such as China and Germany, even if you are a citizen of those countries, it is still very difficult to operate safely as a picker, as they have stringent security protocols to track you down and arrest you.

So, for you to get started as a picker, you are going to need to find a way to relocate to a country with weak banking security laws, or specifically, the USA, where you can change your citizenship.

It is difficult to get established as a picker, but if you are able to do it, you can operate the ideal lucrative lazy-man’s business by assisting hustlers and scammers by handling their money and sending them their share.

How Much Can You Earn As A Picker?

There’s no set salary for pickers; how much you earn depends on how much the scammer and hacker you are working with are able to divert from the victim. In practice, pickers usually get a 20%-30% cut of the total profit from a scam.

Now you know all you need to know about who pickers are, what they do and how you can become one.

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