Top 10 Best Ways To Make Money Illegally And How To Not Get Caught


You’re probably surprised whenever you hear about people running scams or robbing banks on the news and making away with thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars with minimal effort.

That’s why our topic for today is all about making money for nothing: Ten Great Ways to Make Money Illegally. So, sit back, relax, and read on for an overview of ten different ways you can make money illegally and how not to get caught.

  1. Robbing Banks, Homes, or Stores

This method is probably the first to come to mind when you think of a get-rich-quick scheme. For this method, you’re going to need a mask and a gun, which will serve as your protection during the operation.

You’re going to have to choose whether you’re going to rob a house, a store, or a bank. Depending on your target, you’re going to need to prepare for different possibilities. 

For a house or a store robbery, you can do it alone, or even with just one other person. A bank robbery will need more careful planning and a larger team to be successful. You’re also going to want to make sure you have a getaway vehicle so you can escape the scene of the crime before the authorities arrive to catch you.

  1. Honeypotting Scams

This is an illegal money-making method popular in Africa, particularly Nigeria. It involves individuals known as Yahoo Boys and Yahoo Girls who select and scam clients. They pretend to be something they are not through the use of cloned photos and fake social media accounts in order to lure clients into sending them money. In order to scam their victims, Yahoo Boys and Yahoo Girls use Formats, like Wire and Dating format.

The Dating format is the most commonly used, and it involves meeting a stranger looking for sex and convincing them to send money for the expenses of a fake personality the Yahoo Boy has created. This is one of the fastest and safest ways to make money illegally.

  1. Scamming People and Businesses

Scamming is a very lucrative way to make money for nothing if you are able to master it. There are many different kinds of scams, examples of which include:

  • Pretending to be a company: You can send out emails pretending you are from various banks or companies requesting payments of unpaid bills.
  • Starting up a Ponzi scheme: A Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent service that promises a high return on investment to defraud investors of their hard-earned money.
  • Emotional scam: This type of scam needs you to pretend like you are in dire need of money for assistance. You can lie about a family member needing money for a life-saving surgery by faking tears, for example. The good thing about this kind of scam is that you can easily get away with it.
  1. Cybercrime

This is the process of using phishing sites or keylogging trojan viruses to hack an individual’s organization’s bank account in order to make away with their money. This method can be more or less dangerous depending on the target of your choice. If you want to protect yourself, be sure to only target individuals who won’t notice that you have stolen from them.

  1. Drug Dealing / Drug Smuggling

This is a highly profitable method of making money illegally. By selling hard drugs like cocaine and meth, you can create a stable customer base because your customers will become addicted to your products and have no choice but to keep paying you more money. The difference between drug dealing and drug smuggling is that drug dealing is when you sell inside the country, and drug smuggling is when you sell outside the country.

  1. Escort Services

This option is mainly for women who are willing to hustle on the street by using what they have to make money. Your success with this method will all depend on how attractive you are and how good you are at satisfying men’s sexual desires. Depending on where you are, the laws might be different. There are some countries where this money-making method is legal, and it can even be fun for you if you enjoy sex. 

Just be careful to always use protection so that you can avoid contracting dangerous diseases that could negatively impact your health.

  1. Embezzling

This illegal money-making method will be open to you if you find yourself in a high-ranking position within an organization. Embezzlement is the act of diverting funds from an organization into your personal accounts. 

  1. Rebranding and Spoofing

Rebranding is either the act of taking an existing product and branding it as your own or of making your own product look like an original existing brand. If you want to sell soft drinks, for example, you can easily cut into the market of a large competitor by branding your products the same way that your competition leader does. 

You need to be smart when doing this and make sure not to copy large global brands since they have the resources to find and eliminate copy-cat products. If you live in a country like China, then you don’t need to worry about getting caught.

  1. ATM Card Information Theft

ATM Card theft used to be much more complicated because you’d have to steal a person’s physical ATM card in order to access their finances, but now with how common online shopping is, you really only need a person’s ATM card details to be able to use their savings to make purchases online.

  1. Defrauding Insurance companies

This is a specialized type of scam where your target is an insurance company. Whether this involves life insurance, car insurance, or even insurance on a property, insurance fraud involves faking an accident so that you can collect the insurance. You will have to be careful to make it look like an accident because if the insurance company finds out that you scammed them, they will want their money back.

Now you know how to easily make money for nothing with ten great ways to make money illegally. When doing any of the abovementioned methods, be sure to be careful and practice caution.

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