Make $5000 Fast Illegally


We all want to know how to make fast cash, so in today’s article, I’m going to show you how to quickly make $5000 illegally.

Previously, I wrote an article on the Top 10 Great Ways To Make Money Illegally Without Getting Caught, but today I want to focus on a concrete goal. Because no one wants to get caught over just $5000, when it comes to making money illegally, you have to be extra careful not to get caught while you are still in the process of learning. 

And so, let’s not waste any more time. Allow me to walk you through how you can quickly make $5000 illegally without getting caught. Just continue reading to learn more because below, I’ve listed a few different secrets behind illegal money making.

Starting A Ponzi Scheme

Ponzi schemes are a great money-making method that will easily make you rich overnight, but to properly operate a Ponzi scheme effectively, you have got to be clever.

The first thing to keep in mind if you want to run a profitable Ponzi scheme is that you need to target poorer countries, like third-world countries in South America, Africa, and Asia. Why? Because people in those parts of the world are desperate to make money, but also very lazy. Thus, they easily fall for every scam.

An Infamous Example

When creating your Ponzi scheme, you can take inspiration from successful Ponzi schemes from history. One great example is the MMM Ponzi scheme. This is one of the greatest Ponzi schemes of all time; MMM was a pyramid company that paid out big time to the people on top before closing shop and taking the money of most of the members who had invested in it.

It was started by Sergey Mavrodi, and it continues in some countries up to this day. 

Apart from MMM, other popular Ponzi schemes you may have heard of include and These schemes also mostly target Nigerians for scamming purposes.

To quickly make $5000 illegally with a Ponzi scheme, be sure you structure your Ponzi scheme around the US dollar, as this will ensure a competitive exchange rate while making it easier for you to convince people to give you their money.

Apart from US dollars, these schemes can also be built on bitcoins because most people don’t understand how cryptocurrency works, and you can easily get people to buy bitcoins under your name.

Start A Charity Scam

Charity organizations are usually designed to help people, but even these can be turned into money-making machines to scam people and make lots of money illegally.

But, in order for you to properly run this kind of scam, you need to be skilled at convincing others to trust you and to give you money. But if you know how to gain people’s trust, this kind of scam will do more than allow you to quickly make $5000 illegally; if done right, you can use it to regularly generate money while you leave the scam on autopilot.

Charity Scam Step-By-Step Guide

Here I have outlined the steps you will need to take to get this kind of scam up and running. You should do research on each step if you want to know more.

  1. Find and select a trustworthy organization name.
  2. Register the organization name with your local government administration (if you are located in the United States or any other country).
  3. Photoshop Fake pictures and videos of you and your organization doing charity projects.
  4. Create a believable fake website for the organization. Be sure you create the website using the .org domain extension, talk about all of the fake charity projects you have planned, and use the fake pictures you created.
  5. Create a fake Facebook Page to promote your organization’s fake website, pictures, and videos.
  6. Collect money by creating and making use of the website GOfundme
  7. After taking your money, quickly suspend all activity of your fake organization.
  8. Don’t get exposed.

Selling Non-Existent Sugar Mommies And Daddies To Students

This method works best when targeting students. How this method works is by running an advertisement or even creating a website through which you then claim that you will be able to help students by connecting them to sugar mommies or sugar daddies that pay well per night.

The reason that this works is that students stuck in school are always desperately looking for any way to make money, so the idea of having a sugar mommy or a sugar daddy is very appealing to them.

The way you make money from the students is by charging them an upfront fee before, something like $100 before you offer any of your services.

After they pay you, all you have to do is take the money and never contact them again, and you can easily scam them. This is so effective because if you can get just 50 people to fall for this scam and send you $100, you will have already easily made $5000 illegally practically overnight.

Start A Loan Scam

Loan scams are among one of the more recent scamming formats being used by savvy scammers, and by studying and perfecting it you will learn how to quickly make $5000 illegally by scamming and duping people.

Why are loan scams an effective way to quickly make $5000 illegally? They work because people are always interested in receiving free money through loans with low interest rates. So all you really need to do to run this kind of scam is to tell people that if they pay you a small fee, like $100 as a collateral, you can get them a loan. Except for the loan that you promised them is fake, and as soon as they give you the fee for the collateral you take their money and disappear. 

One way you can make this scam even more believable is by registering your fake loan company so that your victims will never suspect you are about to steal their money.

Defrauding Insurance Companies

This scam is easy to do. For example, by claiming that your car was stolen, so that when the insurance company that insured your car receives your insurance claim, they will be forced to give you money to buy a new one. 

Here is how you can fool the investigators easily: just give your car to a friend so that they can hide it, then, when you get the money to buy a new car, you can take your old car and sell it.

Insurance fraud is an easy and simple way you can make over $5000 overnight illegally.

Conclusion On Quickly Making $5000 Illegally

The fastest and easiest ways to make money are by using cleverness and tricks to take money from other people, but we also need to be clever about covering our tracks because there will always be a risk of getting caught. So play it smart, and make sure you know everything about any hustle that you get into before getting into it.

Now you know everything you need to know to quickly make your first $5000 illegally.

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