How To Shoplift Expensive Items At Walmart


Do you know that you don’t need to become a Yahoo Boy or a Yahoo Girl in order to make money online illegally? That’s right, you can still make easy money as long as you know how to shoplift expensive items at Walmart.

Reselling shoplifted items can be a quick and easy way to make money, but it can also be risky if you don’t know what you’re doing. When shoplifting, most people are afraid of getting caught, especially if they could be caught while in the process of shoplifting expensive items. 

By following this strategy guide, you can be sure that you won’t be caught. This is how you can make lots of money stealing from stores because then you can resell the expensive items you shoplifted at a higher price.


A Little Note Before We Start

Before we get to the main topic of the article, it is important that you have a backup plan in case things go wrong and you are caught. What you need to do in this situation is:

  1. Apologize to security and tell them that you made a mistake and didn’t intend to shoplift.
  2. Always prepare enough money so that you can immediately purchase the item or items you were caught attempting to shoplift

With that out of the way, keep reading to learn the most effective ways you can shoplift pricey, expensive, and valuable items from stores like Walmart, including electronics, without getting caught.

Step-By-Step Walmart Shoplifting Guide 

  1. Note Your Surroundings

To consistently shoplift the best items successfully, you are going to need to ensure that you are unseen. Before you begin shoplifting, you need to scan the area to make a note of how the security is set up, such as employee routines and the placement of mirrors and CCTV cameras. Make sure never to target stores that have standing scanners by the entrances.

  1. Work With A Partner

I advise you to work with a partner who can serve as a lookout and a distraction. If you try shoplifting by yourself, you might be unsuccessful and get caught. This is one of the most important parts to remember so that when you attempt to shoplift from Walmart, reduce the risk of being caught. If you have a partner you can trust, Walmart is potentially the easiest place to steal from.

  1. Small And Valuable

When choosing an item to steal, you should prioritize valuables that are small and expensive; these are the best things to steal, shoplift, and resell. Items like chains, wrist watches, makeup, and perfume bottles are easy to hide. Avoid attempting to shoplift large items like TVs as you will be easily caught.

  1. Enter Separately, Leave Separately

Following this rule will help you, along with your partner, can avoid attracting unwanted attention from security. By operating separately, if one of you attracts attention, security will be distracted from the other.

  1. Leave Immediately If You Attract Security Attention

This is important, even if you haven’t begun the operation yet. If you attract any unwanted attention from security, you should immediately vacate the premises. 

But don’t panic, and remember that it is best for you to leave separately (See #4) so that your partner can continue the operation while you distract security. Avoid leaving together at all costs because this will lead security to question both of you if one of you is caught.

These strategies and Walmart shoplifting techniques should work for you equally well regardless of what country you’re from.

Strategies For Shoplifting Expensive Items

  1. Faking Bank Wire Transfer Payments

This is the technique of using a fake alert to make the store think you’ve paid for an item when you really haven’t. But to do this, you’re going to need software programs that let you make your fake alert look real, and these kinds of programs aren’t free. You’re going to have to pay to get access to these types of programs. 

  1. Fake Swap

The Fake Swap strategy works by switching an item that you want to shoplift with an identical fake. To do this, you’re going to need to go to the Walmart store in advance to find a small expensive item. 

Then, you need to find a fake that looks similar to or exactly like the fake. Then, the next day, all you have to do is pretend to be testing out the item you want to shoplift, wait for the perfect moment when there are no eyes on you to quickly exchange the real item for the fake. After that, simply vacate the premises immediately.

You need to be extra careful with this method because if you’re caught, you will be in serious trouble. Remember to work with a partner. Your partner can help to draw attention away from you when you make the switch.

  1. Using Distractions

This method works on its own, but also together with other methods. You and your partner should enter the store separately. Then, both of you should start asking questions from the same salesperson. 

When the sales person is paying attention to your partner, quickly pick up an item and hide it. In this method, the partner acting as a distraction should not shoplift anything to avoid raising any suspicions.

  1. Women’s Panty Technique

This strategy works very well, and you can use it to easily walk away with some of the most valuable items that you can shoplift at Walmart. Unfortunately, this method will only work if you are a woman.

You will need a large, puffy skirt, and tight underwear. It will be better if you have a partner to be a distraction. All you have to do is put the item you want to shoplift inside your underwear; it will help if you also purchase something cheap so that security will believe you are innocent, then you just have to walk out of the store. This even works for shoplifting small electronic items from Walmart.

There is another similar method called the coat method, which works for men and women. But I do not recommend the coat method since it is riskier because it will be easy for security to check your coat if you are caught.

  1. Newspaper / Magazine Conceal Technique

This technique is super simple, but you are going to need to have fast hands. Bring a  newspaper or magazine with you. When you notice no one is looking at you, pick up a small and expensive thing you want to steal and conceal it inside the magazine, then quickly leave the premises of the store or shopping center. This works even better if you can use a hollowed-out textbook.

Conclusion On Stealing The Most Expensive Items From Walmart

All of the strategies and methods outlined above include all of the best techniques that you can employ to steal from stores while minimizing the risk of getting caught. There are, of course, many other methods out there, but the ones mentioned above are the most effective for you to use when learning how to steal expensive items from stores.

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