How To Make Money Off Of Rich Married Men


Have you ever thought life would be much easier if you people could just give you money? Women can often encounter difficulties making money when so many industries are predominantly male. If you are a woman, luckily for you, there are methods for you to make money without having to work yourself to the bone by using your womanly charms to extract money from wealthy men..

But this money-making method doesn’t come easily or naturally to every woman. And so, this article will show you how you can go about this money-making method. In today’s article, which is especially for the ladies, you’ll learn all about how to get money from a man, and specifically why married men are the best targets. Continue reading to learn the secret of how you can get money from a married man safely.

Meeting Rich Men

Personally, I have dated dozens of men for their money, and I want to show you how it’s done.

Circling back to the title of this article, it’s important for you to realize that the ideal targets are married men. This is because when dealing with married men, you can be more confident that he is financially stable because he has a need to provide for more than just his basic needs. Single men can easily get away with merely pretending to be wealthy when in fact, they are not, trust me, I know. 

Trying to get money from a married man can be a risky process. To make money this way reliably, practice makes perfect. Just remember that when it comes to meeting rich married men, you need to keep calm and approach it step-by-step. With these things in mind, let’s go over how it’s done. 

Hanging Around High-End Venues

Rich married men aren’t going to find you on their own unless you are planning on being a full-time prostitute. Instead, you need to be the one to go after them and put yourself in a position where you can be around them. For beginners, finding suitable targets is usually the most difficult part of the process. But don’t let that discourage you. 

Placing yourself in the right place at the right time will always be difficult, but with my advice, you will know the best way to go about it.

Nightclubs are the most common and highly recommended places to find and catch a rich man. The more expensive the nightclub, the better your chances. Before heading out, make sure you dress to impress, the sexier you look, the more effective you will be at finding a rich married man to spend on you.

“But how will I get inside an expensive nightclub if I have no money?” I hear you ask.

Don’t worry about it, you’re a woman, and even expensive nightclubs will let women in for free, if not every night, then at least on ladies’ nights.

Once you get into the nightclub, you’re going to want to follow the steps I have prepared for you below.

Act Like You Belong There

You don’t want to look like a newcomer because as you are sitting down, all eyes will be on you. It can be difficult to stay calm and composed when you’re in a nightclub where there are so many people that you can’t even see the floor, but no matter how claustrophobic and nervous you feel, just keep smiling. 

If you’re with friends, be confident enough to dance. Just feel the music and move naturally, it doesn’t have to be anything complicated.

Get a Drink and Look Busy

You don’t want to look desperate, so find a seat if you can and sit down while you wait for the men to come to you. Get a drink, even if it’s just water; just tell the bartender you’re on a diet or something. 

Once you have your drink and, ideally, a seat, make yourself look busy. Chat with your friends if you come with them, but don’t let them crowd around you. Stand on the edge of your group so that men can approach you. Take out your phone to look busy; take selfies to look confident.

Stay Classy

While you should be dressed up in a sexy way, you shouldn’t make yourself look like a slut. You need to act like a classy girl. Be mindful of your posture; you want to look like a girl looking for a good time and for someone to go home with.

Avoid Single Men

When you go out to the nightclub, you will definitely attract single guys, too. Don’t let them distract you. Single guys will try to get your attention and talk to you; the first thing you ask a man should be if he is single or not so that you can decide whether he is worth your time or not.

Ignore single men since they are not your main focus. Your main focus should be finding a married man that can spend money on you.

Focus On Yourself And Increase Your Value

Most married men might send someone else to call you, rarely will they approach you by themselves. You want to avoid the first situation and encourage the second.

If a married man sends someone else to get your number or invite you over, ignore the messenger. Let the married man come to you by themselves. This makes you more valuable in the eyes of others.

Your main goal should be to force the man to come to you himself. By doing this, you will give yourself the proper opportunity to control the situation. Until the married man comes to you, you should have no business standing up from your seat. This is how you can get money from married men like a professional.

Be Patient

If you quickly go for an offer or if you are easily tempted, this will make you look trashy and easy to get.

Married men that are interested in you will want to know if you are available and if they can give you money for your time, so don’t be in a rush. You’re not trying to sell yourself to the first bidder.

Let Him Know You Want Money

You need to have the mentality that you are an expensive prize because that is your main reason for being there. When a married man requests sex or pleasure, ask him upfront if he can afford your expensive lifestyle.

How much rich married men seek your attention will be based on your opinion of yourself and your confidence in knowing what you want and how much you are worth.

Attracting Married Men On Instagram

Do you know you can get a rich man on Instagram? Many Instagram girls make money from married men, and many of these married men come to Instagram to look for cute girls like you.

Open An Instagram Account Anonymously

By opening an account this way, you will be able to get money from a married man on Instagram. This is the main step in the scam. When creating the Instagram account, make sure it is anonymous. Don’t use your real name, and never tell anyone about it, not even your family or close friends.

Post Seductive Photos And Videos

If you want to make money from married men online without stressing yourself out. This is the best method to follow.

As soon as you have created an anonymous Instagram account, start posting seductive pictures and videos. Sugar daddies and married men will quickly start making offers to see more. Every one of them will want to sleep with you, so be sure not to miss out on the opportunity to collect money from them.

Don’t Put Name A Price Until He Asks

When collecting money from a married man, don’t let them know what your price is until after they agree to the contract. Ask questions to make sure you are dealing with a rich married man over Facebook or Instagram. By doing this, you can safely make money from married men.

Getting Married Men Hooked On You

Follow the steps below to make sure any married man you attract will not be able to get enough of you

  1. Make Your Intentions Clear From The Start

Before you give him anything, make sure he can afford your bills and your lifestyle. The main reason for asking him if he can take care of your expenses is to avoid wasting your time on a poor man. Be ready for him to ask you for something in return.

  1. Give Your Attention As A Favor

Once you find a married man that will spend money on you, you need to make time for him so that he feels satisfied with you. Always be ready to answer your phone if he calls, and make sure he knows that you are serious about making time for him.

  1. Make Him Miss You

When it comes to making him fear losing you, you need to be good in bed; this will make him addicted to you. The better you are in bed, the more he is going to want to avoid breaking off from you.

If you can make him feel good, he will want to have you all the time. Once he wants you, you can set your conditions to whatever you want, and he will gladly pay whatever you demand to keep you.

  1. Make A List Of Your Demands

When you eventually decide that you need to move on and find a richer man to support your lifestyle, he will ask you for your reasons. This is your chance to make even more requests from him. Ask him for even more money in exchange for your love. But for you, the love should be fake. Don’t get attached. And never allow him to have sex with you until he after he pays you.

Conclusions On Making Money Off Of Rich Married Men

Getting money from a married man is a complicated process that requires self-confidence and knowledge of how to manipulate married men. It can be risky if you don’t make sure you are dealing with a rich married man, so you need to know what the right questions to ask are. With the techniques in this article, you can make your intentions clear and be on your way to making easy money off of rich married men.

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