A couple of days ago I was searching the Internet for credit card dumps and I came across a website ahhh! It turned out that this online store offers a wide range of dumps, western union carding methods and even carded iphones and sumsungs. It is becoming popular to buy ccv, dumps and fullz as it is a quick and easy way to get money. There are many organizations in the dark market that sell such information.

This online store has a quite nice design. It looks welcoming and attractive. On the first page, the vendor talks about its advantages that include: fast service processing (within 60 minutes), BTC payment is acceptable, and online support 24/7. The homepage has a lot of info about cc dumps and carded products like iphone. There are some tabs: Shop, How to order, Rules, Articles and so on. I guess everyone can easily navigate the website. General information about the store and a list of products with prices and a small description is also on the first page. Production and delivery processes are fast and transparent as this online resource allows you to track the order. When a customer has already paid for an order with bitcoin or another payment method, they can see the order number for tracking. This is a good option for the comfort of customers. If you have any questions, 24-hour support can help you at any time.

This web vendor sells carded goods such iphones, ipads, cc dumps, bank logs,, cashout guides and tutorials, paypal transfers, western union transfers, and other services. The price range varies from $100 to $ 2000 depending on the type of service and time of use. I decided to try out this shop. First things first, a customer has to register and only after that it is possible to purchase anything. I filled out the registration form, but I didn’t get a confirmation email. This meant that I could not purchase anything without registering for an account. Then I went back to the site to try again. However, it was impossible, because the script gave an error and the site stopped working.

It brought me to private forums on the Internet. I always review “independent” opinions on such private sites before deciding on any purchase, as many customers leave their true reviews. Most forum users say that this site sufficiently reliable service. Some customers are satisfied with the quality, others – prices, thirds – quality and prices. Also, people like that this store accepts bitcoin payment method. This method is considered the safest among others, as it protects the darkweb shopping. It looks like this cc store offers high quality stuff at an affordable price. But, unfortunately, we could not make a decision because of technical errors.

Dear readers, if you have something to say about this supplier of cc dumps, please leave your comments in the line below. It would be nice if you shared your experience, as we can rely on your opinion in the future. Stay on top of carding by watching my blog!

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